Week 15 – Final Project Presentation and Demo

Finally we have completed the real-time TTS call application for speech impairment people. Though we went a long way to get this point, we eventually have the PC application for real time TTS call with emotional features and Android application for TTS with emotional features. Here are our final presentation and result demo videos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



This is what we’ve implemented for android. We will be able to make a complete real time TTS call system by integrating telephony endpoint system which consists of SIP, RTP, and PBX which can be represented by Kmailio and Asterisk between Twilio API and the TTS system.


With the knowledge from the trial of the android application, we could finally implement a complete real time TTS call system for PC. We enhanced usability by having send button for informing the opposite side of person of TTS call, pressing enter button for sound generations, and providing user guidebook.


This is a possible scenario that a user can face while using our real time TTS call system. It is proper for unavoidable phone call situations and meets two objectives of our project(Free TTS call / No other tool needed for receiver).



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